I deleted but remade lol

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Anonymous said:
Is the post about you true? Do you like younger girls? What's going on?



I like people with a strong character and a clear mind. Not those with hatred and scorn in their hearts

is this what the degenerates who prey on underage teens are sayin these days. you like clear minds…especially if they belong to underage girls, which can clearly be explained when you consider the fact that you’re a barn bred gutter swine ass bitch who was synthetically spawned in the shit stained piss glistening toilet of some crusty 99 cent store. you really tryna imitate the behavior and mannerisms of a human being, but that’s a class you ain’t never bout to pass bruh. wild. and…what kind of 2nd grade elementary school doodoo in the sandbox ass poetry is this? ain’t nobody impressed by this! next.


when it’s revealed that someone is a manipulative subhuman piece of filth to others maybe y’all shouldn’t treat it like it’s entertainment or “tumblr drama” because that’s really insulting to the victims you freaks