I deleted but remade lol

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this girl needs to get off my fucking bed omfg

I just facebook stalked this cute guy on my floor and he’s straight (I didn’t think so lol) and a mormon…what kind of Latter Days teas lmao


I’m about to make a really stupid decision lol :)

just walked across campus with my 4 floormates carrying 3 beer racks and a bottle of captain morgan lol

I’m about to make a really stupid decision lol :)

first day of living with my roommates

there’s this girl that I’ve been hanging out with at college and she’s Christian, kinda conservative on the whole marriage bullshit, and we went to eat downtown last night. We stopped at a restaurant that had themed tables like carbon footprint, lgbtqia rights, water conservation, etc. i decided to sit at the lbgtqia table and she said something like (not exactly, but along the lines of) “you know I’m not comfortable with that” (she knows I’m queer). and I’ve just been like, I actually sat with this girl and ate dinner
I’m thinking of cutting her off? lol thoughts